I use three domains and two of them redirect to the third. Let's say they are A.org, B.org, and C.org. Last weekend, I changed the redirects from {A.org, B.org} -> C.org to {A.org, C.org} -> B.org.

The redirects for domain A.org are unchanged and the domain has these settings on Cloudflare: two A records that redirect A.org and www to, proxied by Cloudflare, and a Page Rule that redirects *A.org/* to https://B.org/$2. The redirects for domain C.org now has these same settings.

DNS records

Page rules

The issue is that the www routes, https://www.C.org and http://www.C.org, show "Server Not Found" on Firefox and Safari. And yet, the www routes redirect to B.org on Brave browser, and the non-www routes (https://C.org and http://C.org) also redirect to B.org on Firefox and Safari.

For reference, A = atletismoemocional, B = emocoes, C = ginja .

How do I diagnose and fix the problem?


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One day after posting the question, and four days after making the change in domain redirects, I tried the link again today on Firefox and Safari and it worked. So it may have been simply a question of time for Cloudflare to update or for the browsers to clear the cache.

The reason, as in the comment below: "Browsers aggressively cache permanent redirects. Always clear the browser cache when testing them."

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    Browser's aggressively cache permanent redirects. I always suggest clearing the browser cache when testing them. Dec 9, 2021 at 20:27

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