I installed, configured, and populated MediaWiki on localhost and have been maintaining my wiki locally for 4 years. Today I simply dragged the mediawiki folder into a subfolder I created for better organization and now the site is broken.


Here are the debugs at the top (they were the exact same messages before, just a different path now, as noted below).

Top of Page:

hepperlepedia2 localhost: PHP debugging errors, top

Bottom of Page:

hepperlepedia2 localhost: PHP debugging errors, bottom

NOTE: The errors at the top are about continue vs break statements, whereas the bottom errors are mostly "cannot modify headers"

What I've Tried Already

  1. Changed $wgScriptPath from

$wgScriptPath = "/hepperlepedia2" to $wgScriptPath = "/sub/wiki/hepperlepedia2"

  1. Tried following MediaWiki directions. This page says directions for moving a wiki into a subfolder are here: https://stackoverflow.com/questions/4763909/mediawiki-on-subdirectory-and-subdomain. I followed these steps:
  • (Already modified $wgScriptPath as indicated above)
  • Restarted WampServer, which restarted apache
  • Navigated to http://localhost/sub/wiki/hepperlepedia2/

MediaWiki on SubDirectory and SubDomain

Note, the site worked fine -- nothing was changed moving the mediawiki folder ("hepperlepedia2") into a subfolder. That's when I started getting all these debug errors.

My Question

I know that the debug screen means the path to the home/main/index page of the wiki must be working. But, why am I getting all these errors on things I didn't even change? If changing $wgScriptPath in LocalSettings.php didn't prevent these errors, what will? I suspect there is a setting or variable value somewhere that needs to be set, but I don't know what it would be.

  • Which version of MediaWiki and PHP do you use? Dec 18, 2021 at 9:28
  • @AlexanderMashin Your question seems to indicate that an update to a different version might help. But, why would that be when that wiki install used to work just fine. I didn't change anything in that codebase. If I didn't change anything there, what else could be affecting it? Feb 5 at 19:46


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