On our website, new pages have not been indexed for more than two weeks. The content is unique. There are no errors or warnings at all in Google Search Console. The site scores 100/100 on Pagespeed Insights.

Is this something that is specific to our site or has Google stopped indexing all new pages for some reason?


Google has not stopped indexing new pages and I can prove it. This page with your question on it is now indexed. I can search for the title of this page in quotes and bring it up:

Google search result for this question

There must be a reason specific to your site that Google isn't indexing your new pages. There are several such possible reasons. See Why aren't search engines indexing my content? In your case the content on your pages is not very unique. Pretty much every phrase on the example page you had provided is also found on other pages. Try searching Google for a each phrase from your site in quotes. I spot checked several phrases and in each case found other pages that used that same phrase.

  • That's not the point! I found the answer to my question in the comments under the question. Now I will experiment. Every page of my site is correctly configured by "Last-Modified, If-Modified-Since and 304 Not Modified". People write that this may be one of the reasons. Nov 27 '21 at 5:47
  • Sorry for editing your question then. I was trying to find something other than "please review my site" in your question. Nov 27 '21 at 10:22

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