We set up a Referral Exclusion List for our Google Analytics properties, foo.example.com and bar.example.com. However, now when we look at the "Full Referrer" dimension of page views and events, we no longer see foo.examnple.com or bar.example.com, and see many more (direct) full referrers, which is incorrect.

Is this a bug in Google Analytics, or is there some other configuration we need to do alongside setting the Referral Exclusion List entries so these domains appear in the "Full Referrer" dimension as anything other than (direct).


I wouldn't expect something on the referral exclusion list to appear in the referral report at all, either as itself, or as direct. Excluding the referrer means that it doesn't start a new session, it continues the last session from your site. The referrer report should only be new sessions.

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