I am developing a HTML/CSS template. I am using Fedora Linux platform to write codes and test pages. For test my template on safari (especially mobile version) I have some trouble without any apple device. I want to know how to test properly my template output like its real output on apple desktops or mobiles?

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You have three options:

  1. Buy some Apple devices just for testing.
  2. Install Safari on Linux using Wine and trust that mobile devices work enough like it.
  3. Subscribe to a cloud-based browser testing service that lets you view any URL on a variety of actually web browsers and devices. Here is an article that lists 10 of them and what features they offer.

I have personally chosen to use the third option. I pay $300 USD per year for one of those services and always have access to whatever browsers I need to test my websites. That ends up being way cheaper than buying my own devices and its a lot less hassle than trying to install a variety of browsers and mobile simulators locally.

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