Due to a sudden spike of Direct Traffic on our website, we suspect an unidentified bot crawl but could not identified it on GA.

I gathered one week of log files.

What struck me is every entries in my the access logs are identified as 301 redirect.

As if the robots are visiting the root domain wihtout in HTTP, then redirected to the HTTPS version... is it a normal process in logs analysis ? here is the result:

I did not spot any suspicious bot crawls in the logs outside renowned Google and Microsoft Bots for now.

I also realized the website is not using the root domain but a sub-folder :

All urls on domain.com are redirected to domain.com/en/

However this redirection is done through a meta-refresh redirection (client-side).

As the crawlers, backlinks and others visits are hitting the root domain first, I suspect this meta-refresh redirection to cause this massive direct traffic volume... Could this be legit ?

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    Sounds like you are looking at the (wrong) access log for HTTP, not HTTPS? If you are redirecting HTTP to HTTPS then yes, the HTTP-log will be full of 301s.
    – MrWhite
    Nov 23 at 13:20
  • @MrWhite The logs were provided by the site's owner... So I need to ask him the proper files right ?
    – B4b4j1
    Nov 23 at 14:51
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    When asking for log files, you should ask where the come from and how they are produced. Which log files are you getting? How is the web server configured for logging? Is it per virtual host, or overall? 2 days ago