We have Two servers : webserver (Server one) Server (IP: Mobile server (Server Two) (IP:

One Domain name : example.com

Once anyone opens https://example.com open the server one page. if anyone opens https://example.com/mob open the server two pages.

We have assigned to server one IP address to Domain A record & we have created a virtual host file server one.

please guide him on how to assign server two dir. the path this link, https://example.com/mob via virtual host or.htaccess.

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    Would you be wiling to switch from a subdirectory (example.com/mob) to a subdomain (mob.example.com)? The latter would be so much easier to set up in this situation. Nov 23, 2021 at 9:35

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You can't do what you ask the way you asked.

An IP address is associated with a domain, NOT A URL.

This means you either need to change example.com/mob to mob.example.com or use a reverse proxy to intercept and reroute requests (which means all traffic will flow via the reverse proxy). There are lots of different reverse proxy solutions depending on your use case)

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