The text that comes after paraphrasing an article from Quillbot Premium

I pasted on famous plagiarism checker tools. here are the result

Smallseotools: showed content is 100% unique.

Duplichecker: 100% unique.

Grammarly, it says 100% unique.

But when I check from Turnition, it says content is 35% plagiarized.

In behind-the-scenes smallseotools, grammarly and most plagiarism checker tools are accessing google API to check plagiarized content. So if these websites says content is unique means there is no issue on the google SEO side, right?

Turnitin is an exceptional case.

Or does Google also check plagiarises like Turnitin?

It is better to write articles by yourself. No doubt about that. But I kindly ask you not to talk about its importance in this thread.

  • Sorry, but we really can't offer opinions or recommendations on the effectiveness of third-party tools here.
    – dan
    Nov 18 at 8:00