I already know how to show device type that customer use when click link that contain gtag. Now I want to know which social media that customer uses when they click the link.

Example, I share my link that contain GTAG in a Facebook or Twitter post. When customer clicks it, I want Google Analytics to show Facebook or Twitter as the source that the link comes from.

In acquisition source, it only shows direct, none and Google, How to make it show Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram as the source? Or is there another report that shows that in Google Analytics?

  • Are you using Universal Analytics (UA) or Google Analytics 4 (GA4)? Nov 17 at 9:07
  • I create both, but i use GA4 as the config in my webpage @StephenOstermiller
    – Suryadi
    2 days ago
  • Rather than adding details in comments, please edit your question to add requested information. You can then comment saying that you have done so. Comments here may get hidden by "show more comments" or could be deleted without notice. Editing updates into your question ensures that they don't get lost and that everybody who wants to answer the question sees them. 2 days ago

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