I've added a domain property in Google Search Console. As a result, the following domains/subdomains are now being monitored by GSC:

  • example.com
  • red.example.com
  • green.example.com
  • blue.example.com
  • orange.example.com
  • purple.example.com

I would like to exclude a couple of subdomains (such as green.example.com and blue.example.com) from my domain property as these subdomains are linked to another server and only presents a login page. I would still like these pages to be indexed by Google but just don't want them monitored by GSC and notifying me all sorts of mobile usability issues. Is it possible to exclude these specific subdomains?


Unfortunately, no. That is not possible.

I would very much like to provide a more detailed answer here, but it's really just that straight forward.

We get 2 options:

domain property vs url prefix property google search console

Why don't you just create an email folder and filter your emails from sc-noreply@google.com ?

You could create just url-prefix properties for the domains you care about...but then you might miss critical notifications.

I think you should just address your mobile usability issues...

Problem solved ; )

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