I'm looking an open source self hosted PHP and MySQL document management apps.

  • security: accessing a document by specific users
  • Work flow: by admin approval (may be two admins)
  • document supporting: .pdf and common Microsoft office file formats
  • view documents online instead of downloading like pdf and doc files (downloads allows by admin

I was looking knowledge tree futures if there is an open source alternative for knowledge tree i will prefer that.

any suggestion?

  • Any other criteria? Configurable security? Workflows? Searching/indexing across particular document types? Commented May 13, 2011 at 13:51
  • By workflows I mean, can you set people up, for examp,e so that they can't publish documents, but can send to someone else for approval who can then publish them. Or you might need two people to approve them. That link is useful though, as people can try and look for those features in OpenSource apps. Commented May 13, 2011 at 14:21
  • @paulmorriss Yes you are right! that is what i'm saying. thank you!
    – Achu
    Commented May 13, 2011 at 14:26

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KnowledgeTree has a community edition which is free and Open Source. It's a fine product and has many unique features that you won't find in any other OpenSource document management solutions (like the WIndows drag & drop client), but usage often feels kludgy, and its architecture is largely based on deprecated PHP4 code. I set it up for a client earlier this year, but we agreed to turn away from it because we discovered ...

My recommendation

ResourceSpace. It is clearly built mainly for the archival of visual media, but it has so far been working fine for documents as well (with some limitations, see below). It is completely Open Source, based on PHP, and very quick to install. It has extensive workflow features, a very nice-looking interface, and on-line preview of many document types.


The only thing it doesn't seem to be doing is full-text index Word documents - I have a Google Groups question running on the topic. It uses OpenOffice integration to create previews of Office documents which which I'm currently having character set issues (Umlauts breaking in the document preview). I don't know whether these can be fixed.


To respond to your comment

so may i get advice? i thought you will give me after you know my criteria :)

I was just making the question clear so that other people could help you! The only open source document management system I'm familiar with is Plone. It is powerful, and so probably fairly complicated to set up.


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