Is it possible to disavow domain extensions? Like .com or .net? Lately I noticed new spammers strategy instead of pointing many URLs to your server they point hundreds of domains from certain extensions like .xyz.

I just wonder, why not block all these links with one rule blocking extension like domain:xyz?


At the moment of writing this answer, the wildcards capability is not available in the Disavow tool.

  • I'm not sure the wild cards would be needed. This post from webmaster world says that when you disavow any domain all the subdomains get disavowed as well. webmasterworld.com/google/4809787.htm Nov 5 at 19:00
  • A risked and included domain:xyz in dissavow file. I will update on results Nov 6 at 5:24
  • How will you know if this works? Keep in mind that disavowed links will still appear in Google Search Console.
    – Unix
    Nov 6 at 9:10

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