My website uses flexible sampling to limit the number of free articles unregistered users can view. I use fingerprint tracking to keep track of which customers have reached their monthly view limit. When doing fingerprint tracking, I also check whether the useragent is Googlebot and if it is, I will give it full access to crawl my website.

However, I have seen a few articles (like this one) saying that Google is against fingerprint tracking. I wonder if I use fingerprint tracking, does Google punish my website's search ranking? If it does, I probably need to switch to cookie tracking.

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From the articles that I have read(including your mentioned link), Google is against fingerprint tracking for data privacy or advertising purposes. I don't think your customer view limit is data that is prohibited for fingerprinting. So it should not affect Google's search ranking.

As far as I know, most web securities/firewalls like Cloudflare use browser fingerprint to protect against bots, so I think it's similar to your use case.

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