I'd like to allow users to text to a certian number in order to complete actions on their accounts. An example would be

update name with Captain

Basically what I'm asking is about is a service that can receive texts and has an API so that I can use them for my site... Thanks for any help!

  • Which country are you in? Different companies work with different carriers in different countries. – paulmorriss May 13 '11 at 9:35

I haven't used it, but Twilio provides a web-service based API for a number of phone functions, including SMS. Pricing seems sane as well.


Another possible alternative is to use email addresses. All carriers have email addresses tied to phone numbers. so you can simply use those email addresses for free to send/receive SMS messages if that works for you. Any phone can also sent an SMS to an email address, as opposed to a phone number, and as far as I know this has worked since years and years ago with every phone I've ever owned (even non-smart phones). This functionality just seems to be something mobile carriers all decided to include in their messaging systems.

You can find the list of carriers/email address domains here

Typically the email address is [10-digit number]@[providerdomain.com]

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