In August 2011, Google added rich snippet support for MusicRecording structured data. It looked like this:

music rich snippet

But today, I don't see any mention of it in their current rich snippet feature guides.

I found this thread on the Google webmasters forum from a few months ago where another forum user seems to confirm its removal, however his answer is both unclear and unsourced.

Did Google discontinue this type of rich snippet, and if so, when did they do it? Did they make any sort of announcement or did they discontinue it silently?

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From your mentioned old blog says:

You can use the rich snippets testing tool to test the markup of our page and see an illustration of what the search result would look like.

I tried Movie schema and the result is:

Page is eligible for rich results

But when I tried MusicRecording schema and the result is:

Page not eligible for rich results known by this test

I tried other MusicRecording schema examples from schemas.org and the result is same.

So I think we can't use MusicRecording structured data again. I can't found any official announcement from Google about that, but we can know from above result.

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