Let's assume that my burger-sidebar menu includes only two links; one link to my homepage and one link to my contact page.

  • My homepage is already linked from the website name
  • My contact page is already linked from a position:sticky contact us box

Allegedly I could do well without a burger-sidebar menu.

If I delete the burger-sidebar menu, is this an SEO problem? i.e. do search engines prefer websites with burger-sidebar menus ("navigation menus") over those without?

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    I doubt they would care. As long as the page is responsive and appropriate links are accessible there is no reason for Google to care if you use a burger sidebar menu or not.
    – davidgo
    Sep 23 at 8:07
  • @davidgo just a small accuracy, the menu is not burger sidebar menu but a menu which is opened from clicking a burger in mobile and "always sidebarish" on desktops...
    – user123160
    Sep 23 at 8:27
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  • You have to think about what is convenient for your users, not search engines.
    – skill
    Oct 2 at 12:17
  • No problem on pc. But on mobile, where there is limited viewing space, a burger menu might be a good idea. Study the behavior of your users and make them comfortable.
    – skill
    Oct 2 at 12:22

No. The main consideration is to use semantic HTML to properly tag your navigation and contact links. The contact link you describe might be tagged as role="complimentary", depending on the rest of the page structure.


This will not be a problem for your SEO.

For future reference, if the links were not duplicates of others on the page, removing them would saturate your PageRank more. See the diagram below depicting how PageRank flows on a page that has 4 internal links.

enter image description here

Removing 2 internal links would leave you with .50 PR going to the remaining 2.

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    I've done tests about how Google passes PageRank. Duplicate links don't pass extra PageRank. Google just ignores a second duplicated link for PageRank purposes. Regardless, I agree that it won't be an SEO problem. Oct 1 at 16:56
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    @StephenOstermiller I don't mean pass extra, I mean saturate, or in other words conserve. Does your testing also confirm duplicate links don't dilute the PageRank passed? Oct 1 at 17:15
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    Duplicate links don't pass pagerank and don't dilute pagerank. Googlebot just seems to ignore them 100% (at least about 10 years ago when I did the testing.) If you put as #fragment onto the second URL, that would make it unique enough that Google wouldn't ignore it even though it went to the same page. Oct 1 at 17:40
  • Interesting. This makes sense if you think about it...one vote per one link Oct 1 at 17:48

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