My kid made this joke website a few years ago. I helped him with hiding the joke answer.

Google hates it. 2,832 views a month, $4 of adsense, 16 clicks.

The site has 1850 jokes, one per page. 1 view per joke, per day would be 30 x 1850 or 55,500 views a month. Not 2,832 views.

I'd like to get him 10 views per joke per day per month. 555,000 views a month.

I'm dealing with a VCD malware infection on there here this weekend. There seems to be scripts in the database. I though I had everything cleaned out. I'm pretty sure that's the pop up ads.

A few years ago he left form to post automatic and spam posts were made. I cleaned that all up but there may be penalties?

What can I do to help him out and get his half million views a month with his 1850 jokes?

A few suggestions and steps to get us started would be appreciated!


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