I'm making a website for my podcast and I'm using text to display the title of the show and wondering how should I wrap the title of the show and links for individual shows.

Which practice is best? Wrapping the title of the show in H1 and each episode in H2?

<h1>Title of show</h1>

Or wrapping the first episode in H2 and the rest plus the title of the show in H2?

<h2>Title of show</h2>
<h1>First episode</h1>
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    Is this for a page listing all the episodes, or for a specific episode's page that also includes links to the other episodes? Sep 1 at 21:13
  • This is on the main page (index.php) Sep 1 at 23:10
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    I agree with @MaximillianLaumeister's answer re: not using h2 tags for the episodes. As Max stated, ol with li is a good choice because podcasts are things, those semantics are going to play perfectly into any structured data, which I strongly recommend considering - schema.org/PodcastEpisode. Sep 1 at 23:20

You should reserve your h1 tag for the most important text on the page - usually the large text near the top that describes the topic of the page. If your entire website (and therefore your site nav) is about your podcast show, then your h1 may simply be something like "Episodes", with your title tag being "Episodes - Title Of Show".

Edit: Considering that this is the main page of your site, if you have an h1 then it should definitely be the name of the show.

For the episodes, to be semantically correct I would consider using an ordered list (ol with li tags) instead of h2 tags. This is what the iTunes web podcast listings do in their HTML. Because if you think about it, podcasts are a list of things rather than being like an article with textual headings.

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