I have a WP one page website on which i enabled light speed cache plugin which improved site performance but on the other side side goes into redirect loop which crashes the site. I was not able to find any reason for this.

for example my domain https://example.com/ gets into redirect loop and each time it gets in redirect loop it points to https://example.com/?utm_source=Google%20&utm_medium=Organic&utm_campaign=GMB&utm_id=GMB i did look into this few days back but was not able to pin point issue.

I have a simple site for which i am using cloudflare CDN and also configure light speed based on tutorials with basic configuration with out image optimization as i upload image only once i optimse them individually

Some tutorials points to Cloudflare, some pointed to lightspeed but it hard for me to trouble shoot this issue and i am not able to figure of reason for redirect.

Redirect stops once i purge all cache from Plugin and then i dont know when it will break again.

i also noticed that this issue is not related to local browser redirect as i tried same on different device and using VPN when redirect loop starts it happens to everone accessing the site

i tried this blog also to resolve this is issue and some other blogs

anyone pointer are appreciated.

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    What is the point of using WordPress for a single page site? Couldn't you just save the page as static HTML and upload it to a server and get much better performance? Or do you need dynamic capabilities or ability to edit that page that WordPress provides? Aug 24 at 14:24
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    Page needs frequent updates, so its dynamic in nature which changes on weekly basis such as offers, events etc... contents are not much for multi-page site but requirement is for CMS from client so that they can update. otherwise yes static page will make sense and will improve page performance at-least by 50% or more....
    – Learning
    Aug 25 at 3:31

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