I want to make country redirects for my site and I am not sure which redirect type is used.

Step 1: First, we enter our website.

Step 1 URL: https://example.com

Step 2: Our website directs us to whichever country we are in.

Step 2 URL: https://example.com/en

My question is, should step 1 here be a 301 redirect or a 302 redirect?


Server-side 302

Dynamic serving is also a viable option here.

Remember to include the x-default rel-alternate-hreflang directive - so both the homepage and the generic page if the generic page is a redirect page that's inaccessible to users.

When doing this I recommend including some method to allow users to switch to a local version or different language version. Perhaps a dropdown or other UI element.

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    Thanks again for the resource and your reply. :)
    – ardacar
    Aug 20 at 17:22

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