Using WordPress with Avada Theme.

After a recent update googles Structured Data Testing tool is returning an error upon validating which was perfect before the update.

I have checked Google console search it has no errors and the site is working perfectly.

Just had a drop in ranking and I am trying to figure out the problem.

Has anyone had similar issues?

enter image description here


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The problem is that your site's HTML is very broken.

You can check it via https://validator.w3.org/

A bit of insight about structured data

If you have invalid HTML it is difficult for Google to figure out which parts of the page belong together. This presents a problem for structured data because its purpose is to create semantics.

This is mostly a problem with microformats and RDFa because that markup is inlined in the HTML. It's less of an issue for JSON-LD. You appear to be using both.

Troubleshooting your problem

To begin troubleshooting this please try disabling the Rocket Lazy Load, then clear any caches, and then try the structured data testing tool again.

Unfortunately, invalid/broken HTML can be very common with page builder Wordpress themes because they are very prone to plugin conflicts.

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