I want to use a robots.txt file for my website, which is currently displaying a 404 error when requesting it (e.g., https://www.example.com/robots.txt). How do I make one? There's no option to create one in cPanel. My friend told me it can also make my website vulnerable to attack.


I did a quick search for how to create a robots.txt file and found these two relevant links

Google: https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/robots/create-robots-txt

Bing: https://www.bing.com/webmasters/help/how-to-create-a-robots-txt-file-cb7c31ec

Normally answers here should not be "link only" but this is such basic stuff and there are so many sites with the information, it is easy to find.

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    Even when many other sources are available, it is still worth it to create answers here rather than just providing links. If this question were to get a bunch of traffic, the user experience would be frustrating if everybody has to click. Jul 26 at 10:59

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