I have a web blog and I want to write some ethical hacking, hacking mitigation and not hacking related content.

Can I include AdSense for only pages that follows policy and not include in pages that break policy ?

AdSense policy apply to a domain or just pages includes AdSense ?

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Yes. Adsense guidelines are on a per-page basis. You are basically forbidden to place your code on those that don't follow policy.

When you monetize your content with Google ad code you are required to adhere to the following policies. By content we mean anything present on your page or app - including other advertisements and links to other sites or apps. Failure to comply with these policies may result in Google blocking ads from appearing against your content, or suspending or terminating your account.


They have algorithms that continually check for policy violations and will notify you of them. If you have multiple violations it can trigger a manual review, which may result in a sitewide manual penalty, that although not impossible, it's very hard to get out of.

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