My store sells just one type of product (e.g. Computers). What's the best way to organize the category tree?

Should I include the main topic in order to permit my customers to browse all my products in 1 single page?

  • Computers --> Asus --> Intel

or simply:

  • Asus --> Intel


  • This is unfortunately too subjective for this site - there is no right or wrong answer. Search engines will index either variation of URLs, so it's really just a matter of preference for your users, which we really can't give you feedback on due to the format of this site. – dan Jul 24 at 0:53

As your store just sells computers, then you do not need to mention "computer" in the list of categories.

You can just write the computer type and then its products. For example:

Asus --> Intel

As your focus should be user experience, simple design is always user friendly.

  • I think you are right but my concern is, doing like that, I cannot display all products on a single page to my customers (I'm using Magento 2). Using Computers --> Asus --> Intel they would be able to see all products and then using the side filter as they prefer. Instead, using Asus --> Intel, I think this could reinforce the SEO, I could create a second category anyway called All products to apply to all products but the side filter won't be shown (and this is bad). What do you think about? – KaMZaTa Jul 23 at 18:14

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