From 2013 through 2020 we had a website that was performing pretty well in terms of traffic and sales. The website was then taken down due to unforeseeable life events. After 2 or 3 months offline, we decided to restart the operation and put the website back online, however we made one crucial error. The website was previously using www and when we brought it back online we failed to take that into account and omitted the www.

Our website has been back online for 7 months now without the www. If you visit www version it redirects to non-www version.

All of our backlinks are still pointing to the www version of our website to this day.

Will this have negative ramifications on our seo? Does it make sense for us to switch the website back to www, or since we've already had the non-www version live for 7 months should we leave it alone? Would the pros outweigh the cons in returning to www?

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