I have a WordPress blog on a specific site, lets say example.com/blog. It is installed in a subfolder /blog on my server. The main site example.com is hosted elsewhere (where I have no access) and just the blog is hosted on my server and we configured a ProxyPass to my server for the blog.

So now I build a new site, let's call it "dummy-page" in the WordPress Blog. The server is configured in the way, that it receives the request example.com/dummy-page, changes the URL (mod_rewrite) to example.com/blog/dummy-page, then WordPress serves the content and in the end the URL is changed with pushState to example.com/dummy-page (this is the only site, which should not have the /blog slug in the URL).

So all Links (on other sites) are example.com/dummy-page and everything works fine. But I noticed, that the original URL example.com/blog/dummy-page shows up for a short time in the address bar and then is changed to example.com/dummy-page.

So, my question:

If all Links point to example.com/dummy-page, will the google search results show this URL OR example.com/blog/dummy-page ?


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