I am a digital marketer, and I am working on a website. Website has more than 20,000 pages. The whole website has dynamic content. There is a one copy of profile and it is being dynamically used in 20,000 profiles of doctors.

I am little bit confused about profile page content (descriptions/ bio). Should we write unique profile description for each profile or dynamically generated similar profile descriptions are enough.

Some of SEO's says it would be duplicate content. I want to know how Google will treat this content. There are so many listing sites and profile sites. How is that possible to write thousands of articles or profiles for doctor profiles, who have same expertise.

What does SEO say about this? Would it be count as duplicate content or similar content?

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    Are all 20,000 pages profiles? Also, to what extent the content will be similar? – Kannan Jun 18 at 6:04

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