My situation:

  • I have domain A that I use for my website, and want to use it as my main domain. Wordpress website is running on it and I have some pages indexed and visitors coming.
  • I also have domain B which is shorter version of domain name. I plan to use it only as a link on printed materials and social networks. I've set up 301 redirect on Cloudflare domain B to send all traffic to domain A
  • In Google Console I've set site move and "One or more of your other sites is moving to this site"

Problem: Google is not indexing my domain A home page and says: " Duplicate, submitted URL not selected as canonical"

Google also sets User-declared canonical: None Google-selected canonical: domain B

How to set my domain A homepage as canonical and force Google to take it? Is there a way in Wordpress to set canonical for homepage?

  • How old is your website? How long has domain B been redirecting to it? Jun 14 '21 at 14:15

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