Reddit is quite popular and generates a lot of traffic. However, they must have invented some interesting strategies how to deal with SEO issues.

I mean they have two SEO antipatterns as features.

  • Tonns of outgoing links
  • A lot of Copy & Paste stuff

How do they perform well? Is it only their gravity (and SEO is just as is). Does the amount of unique content (Like comments generated by users) outweigh the rest? Or any other relevant strategies they or similar sites use?

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The below points apply to Reddit or any site that relies on user-generated content.

  1. The content should be adequately moderated. Structured moderation (involving management staff, community moderators, members, and even readers) eliminate or at least limit spam, plagiarised and thin content.

  2. The site should be selective and careful in trusting outgoing links. Naturally, most of the outgoing links will be no-follow.

  3. The site should take care of on-page SEO basics like a good link architecture, use of proper canonical URLs, good user experience, mobile optimization and so on.

Reddit is no exception and it has to continuously adhere to SEO good practices (summarized in the above 3 points). As a side note, I think (I could be wrong) Reddit will be receiving most of the traffic from direct and repeat visitors.

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    Stack exchange removes nofollow on some links (see meta.stackexchange.com/questions/111279/… ) but in my opinion still uses too much nofollow. Nofollow could be removed any time there is positive reputation for the person that created the link, the post containing the link, and the site being linked to. I wouldn't say that "most" outgoing links would have nofollow, but that all outgoing links should have nofollow until they are vouched for by the community. That vouching could be a decently low bar. Jun 14, 2021 at 18:10
  • Thank you for that answer. All 3 points I see as well. Also it my first guess " Reddit will be receiving most of the traffic from direct and repeat visitors". And this would explain it all. It could even work with bad SEO then.
    – aholbreich
    Jun 15, 2021 at 17:03

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