How to tell Google that a job posting is closed? Is it better to remove the post? We use Wordpress with a job board template.

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The best way is to set the validThrough property (set the date in the past if the job post already expired). You can remove the post entirely (but it will returns a 404) or remove the JobPosting schema (too work to do if you have a lot of posts).

See more here.


Check what Google has to say about it:

To remove a job posting that is no longer available, follow the steps below: Make sure your page is removed by doing one of the following actions: Ensure the validThrough property is populated and in the past. Remove the page entirely (so that requesting it returns a 404 or 410 status code). Remove JobPosting structured data from the page. Keep Google informed by doing one of the following actions: For job posting URLs, we recommend using the Indexing API instead of sitemaps because the Indexing API prompts Googlebot to crawl your page sooner than removing the URL from the sitemap and pinging Google. However, we still recommend submitting a sitemap for coverage of your entire site. Use the Indexing API to request removal of a job posting URL from the Google Search index. If you're not using the Indexing API, submit a new sitemap to Google by sending a GET request to the following URL: http://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=location_of_sitemap For example: http://www.google.com/ping?sitemap=http://www.example.com/sitemap.xml We ingest the entire sitemap and recrawl the pages with lastmod times that are more recent than the last time those pages were crawled.

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