Due to an error in my website header canonical tag, Google marked 7,000 pages which is half of my website as Excluded on Google Console. I fixed the error but it is still showing all of those pages as Excluded.

I found that I can individually request for pages to re-index but 7,000 are a lot of pages. Is there a quick fix for this issue?

  • What exactly was the error? How long the error existed? – Kannan Jun 4 at 18:22
  • i have website structure as website.com/aaa/bbb/ccc. for some reasons all pages had the canonical as website.com/aaa, so google marked all the pages as duplicates. it stayed for like 3-4 days. – маньяк Jun 5 at 17:11
  • Was there any error/message on search console? – Kannan Jun 6 at 1:38

Give Google some time to reindex all the pages. Meanwhile you can "force" indexing with a service like this.

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    Services that give you free backlinks can cause more issues than they resolve. – Maximillian Laumeister Jul 4 at 17:51

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