I am new to WordPress development and trying to make a quiz site. I have a quiz plugin installed called WPquiz. I made a quiz with 12 questions, which is also more than 300 words (including the questions and options).

After creating it, I saved it and went to the posts, created a new post, copy-pasted the shortcut code from the quiz, added the title, and added the SEO title and meta description.

The shortcut code looks like this in a post:

enter image description here

But the main issue is in my posts and quiz page, Yoast SEO is reporting in red that there are fewer than 50 words or no words in my posts:

enter image description here

However in my quiz I have more than 300 words. How can I correct this? I don't have anything to write in my post, it's just a personality quiz site.

  • Can't you just ignore that warning? Yoast's suggestion is just for you and it doesn't appear to users or search engine bots at all. May 31 at 9:09
  • Yes, but my concern is , it will affect my seo ranking in google. Also I am planning to apply for google adsense. This will affect for my application too. Wont it?? May 31 at 9:42
  • You say that there are actually more than 300 words on that page. It sounds to me like Yoast has a bug or doesn't know about the content from your plugin. I'd think that ignoring the warning would be appropriate if that is true. May 31 at 11:58

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