For some reason, when I share a URL to my blog post on LinkedIn, the image specified in the og:image tag does not appear in the share LinkedIn post.

URL shared: https://robertcooper.me/post/feature-flags

og:image meta tag found in the page's head:

<meta property="og:image" content="https://www.robertcooper.me/api/og-image/Building%20with%20feature%20flags?readTime=6">

The LinkedIn post inspector confirms that the image won't show up when shared: https://www.linkedin.com/post-inspector/inspect/https:%2F%2Frobertcooper.me%2Fpost%2Ffeature-flags

enter image description here

Testing things out on other websites, I looked at how sharing this URL looks like: https://css-tricks.com/

This shows up correctly on LinkedIn (as confirmed by the LinkedIn post inspector: https://www.linkedin.com/post-inspector/inspect/https:%2F%2Fcss-tricks.com%2F).

enter image description here

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Your image request is actually returning a 308 response, directing to:

https://robertcooper.me:443/api/og-image/Building with feature flags?readTime=6

Note the addition of the port and the %20 s being returned to spaces.

Also, I seem to recall in the past that LinkedIn got upset if the og:image path didn't look like a file (e.g. ending in .jpg or .png).

  • Thanks a lot! The issue was both a redirect issue (www -> non www) and missing .png at the end of the URL. May 28, 2021 at 4:36

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