We have a WordPress application (PHP) hosted on www.example.com and another web application (C# with ASP.NET 4.8. framework) for another workflow.

Second web application (C#) needs to be deployed on www.example.com/appName.

We created VirtualDirectory appName and published application into that directory, but on www.example.com/appName we get 404 response with error.php view (404 page for www.example.com, not for second app www.example.com/appName)

"Authorization" redirect for C# app works because when we request www.website.com/appName, URL changes to www.example.com/appName/Login?ReturnUrl=%2FappName%2F, meaning that the C# application registers its redirect rules. My guess is that application found "Home" controller and redirected to "Login" controller because of [Authorize] tag (which is desired behavior), but I don't know why the application returns a 404 with error.php instead of /login/index.

We tested the application on www.appName.example.com and it works perfectly but that is not what we need.

Main problem is that server is on hosting and we don't have full access to server (only via Plesk CP so IIS config is limited).

So basically, my question comes down to: how to publish a C# .NET MVC application under WordPress Plesk hosted page?

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