After many years of using pageview-based Google Analytics, I'm trying to learn event-based Firebase Analytics.

According to the documentation, basic events like page impressions are tracked automatically. On the list of Google-recommended events to add yourself, Google suggests adding a login event.

But there's no mention of a logout event. Is there a reason why Google recommends tracking login but not logout?

Of course I can create my own custom logout event, which I will do. This question is "why does Google recommend tracking only login?


Mostly because users either a) don't bother logging out, ever, or b) because logging out is what they do immediately before leaving the site.

Therefore, logging out is not usually a useful event to track since exits are already measurable as standard. This is unlike log in events, which are useful.

If you believe that users will be continuing to browse the site after logging out, then by all means track it.

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