I am currently working on a Joomla website using SPPageBuilder and I decided to use a carousel to display multiple images of a product. However, I cannot add "alt" attributes over a carousel image, I can only add a title, a medium text and a bottom text (a description), which I decided to hide based on the choices below :

  1. If I decide to display the text over the image, it will make the page look not so good but no bot will complain; the page won't be badly considered by bots and it will be considered as an alt text.
  2. If I decide to write some text over the image and hide it, the image will have an alt text, so no bot will reduce the SEO score, but I am affraid that it will badly flag the page.
  3. I don't write anything and the page might not be considered as "fraudulent" but the SEO score will decrease because I don't have any alt text over the carousel.

In that case, what would be the best choice and can my website be impacted if I hide the text over the carousel?

Have a nice day!

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    Carousels are bad for user experience, hated by users, and less effective for sales than other techniques. Instead of trying to optimize your carousel SEO, you should not use a carousel. – Stephen Ostermiller Apr 12 at 9:45

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