On the page https://www.motionmountain.net/bet.html the character h-bar (ℏ) is much smaller than an h, and hard to read. This happens only with Firefox (version 87.0, on OSX), not with Opera, Chrome or Safari. How can I avoid this?


The character appears a few times on the page. The first time is at the end of part 1 of the proposed physics bet.

The font used is a Google font.

I also filed a Firefox bug report. What can I do in the meantime?

Note that I just have a usual Firefox. I am a simple user, and did not change anything to the downloaded version. The Firefox of Stephen (below) has no such problem.


A. Here is a screen shot from my Firefox on OSX:

enter image description here

B. Here is a second screen shot of this stackexchange question (an older version), which uses other fonts, from my Firefox on OSX:

enter image description here

C. Here is a third screen shot from Chrome, on OSX, that shows no such problem:

enter image description here

All screen shots differ from the screenshot linked in the comment.


So far, I found only two solutions:

(1) Use ħ instead of ℏ - i.e., ħ instead of ℏ

The Firefox development team is working on an improvement as well.

(2) Another option is to use:

<span style="font-size-adjust:0.54">&hbar;</span>

which yields the correct size.


Your page appears to use the Google web fonts "Open Sans" and "Crimson Text". Neither of those fonts has a glyph for as tested by Google's tool:

Open Sans Google font test for ℏ

Crimson Bar Google font test for ℏ

There are a couple Google fonts that support the character. Scrolling through I see "Noto" (several serif and sans-serif variants) and "Arimo". If you want this character to display consistently across all browsers and devices you need to use a font that contains a glyph for it.

  • Stephen, thank you for all your information. The mistake must be another, because I have switched to Noto Sans and I still have the problem. It must be something simple that I am not seeing. But I have no strange settings in Firefox, and have checked everything. Some oversight somewhere. – Motion Mountain Apr 10 at 12:41
  • I'm not sure if has anything to do with it, but Firefox's dev tools say that there is still an active CSS font declaration inherited from the <body> for that element: i.stack.imgur.com/3wWZp.png – Stephen Ostermiller Apr 10 at 13:29

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