I have set up a forwarder on my domain to go to one of my social media profiles.

This works fine if I visit my domain directly e.g. www.loremipsum.co.uk, but if I search my name in Google and find my domain that way, I get a This site can’t be reached error when I visit the page.

I think Google is displaying a https:// link in its results. If I change the URL in my browser to http:// then the link works fine and it sends me to my social media page.

I'm managing my domain in 123-Reg, but I see no option in the web forwarders section to choose between http and https?


Your question is unclear. As you pointed out, the https version of the site is indexed in Google but is not answering.

HTTPS sites are harder to redirect as they require a certificate (which needs to be requested in a per site basis) unlike http which can be handled en-masse with a single setup with some database matching. It is probable that 123-reg is not doing https forwarding.

For sites I manage I either set up basic hosting with just a redirect for the old site + an exception for the https verification or I send both the old and new site to the same virtual host, add both old and new hosts to the certificate and set up redirection for anything except the cannonical URL to the cannonical one. You likely need to fo something along these lines.

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