In the last few months, we have had created new content for some given pages of a hotel microsite. Upon comparing the performance of those pages (last three months to the previous period), it shows a decrease in average position in Google Search results while the average CTR has improved. Can anyone explain the reason behind such performance? As I know higher the average CTR of a page, the better its average position in the search results. Attached are the performance screenshot of different pages.

Result Metrics The CTR improved but Avg pos decreased Avg position decreased

  1. The assumption that the higher the CTR, the higher the average position, is wrong.
  2. CTR has a lot to do with position in the SERPs, however, the title and (visible) description makes a lot of differences see summary section on this page.
  3. A lower position doesn't necessarily mean less clicks, statistically (on average) it does, but there are a lot of exceptions.
  4. The average position stat in the Google Search Console is not very accurate. I recommend you use an SEO tool, such as Ahrefs or WebCEO (Ahrefs has a lot of historical data but WebCEO is an SEO suite to track your site).

Hope this helps, and best of luck!

  • Thank u for your respond Eric and Tal. Will look into MOZ tool. What steps would you recommend to increase a page Avg.position apart from Backlink strategy. Kindly suggest – shilpa Apr 6 at 9:55
  • 1
    Mainly high quality content and good UX (not necessarily UI). High quality content, backlinks and recently an emphasis on UX are the top factors as far as I know. – Tal Apr 6 at 17:24

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