With the assistance of htaccess, is it possible to have files stored as...

/content/001 Some sort of description.html
/content/002 Some sort of description.html

...or as...

/content/Some sort of description.001
/content/Some sort of description.002

...and get the desired file by requesting only the numeric portion of the name?

$.get("content/001", function(data) {
   • • • 
}, "html");

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I don't think this is possible with the two examples you posted since there is no way to "search" for an arbitrary file based on a URL pattern AFAIK, without perhaps using a custom module.

However, if your files were named like the following instead, then it's possible to do this using MultiViews (mod_negotiation):


Note the critical placement of the dots (.) to create file extension(s).

So, the number 001 is the file basename and some-sort-of-description and html are file extensions, then you can use MultiViews (mod_negotiation) to serve the appropriate file by requesting just the numeric portion of the filename.

It's important to end with a "known" file extension (like .html, .php or .txt etc.) that returns an appropriate mime-type. Simply naming the file 001.some-sort-of-description does not appear to be sufficient.

For this to work, you need to enable the broadest scope of MultiViews matching: Any. This potentially has security implications so only enable it on the specific directory that contains only your content files.

For example, in the /content/.htaccess file:

Options +MultiViews
MultiviewsMatch Any

Requesting just /content/001 or /content/002 should then serve the corresponding file. If there are two files with the same "number" then the smallest file is returned.


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