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I am at the screen above when adding SSL certificates for my domain in Namecheap, but I am completely lost on what to do next. I think it is saying to get a CNAME record, but there is no explicit record provided when clicking Get Record. What are the steps I can do next after this screen to install my SSL certificate?

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Okay, first do what it says: click on Edit methods -> Get record.

You need to copy the value of the Host field and go to Domain list -> Select your domain and click Manage -> Advanced DNS -> ADD NEW RECORD -> Select CNAME RECORD -> Paste the value of Host that you just copied on the Host field of the CNAME Record. Now, copy the Target field's value to the Value field in the CNAME Record.

IMPORTANT: When you paste the Host value in the CNAME Record remove the .yourdomain.whatever from the end of the field. And that's the important bit here, if you don't remove it, it won't work. Save your changes.

Note: Some DNS systems(Namecheap system as well) have such peculiarity that they add domain name automatically to the values submitted during record creation.

More information can be found here.

You can then check that your CNAME Record was added by using that website linked by them mxtoolbox.com/.... When you check the record, don't remove the .yourdomain.whatever part of the Host field.

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