I cannot open its website(sentora.org), nor can I install it on my VPS. Is this project dead, or just a temporary issue? It is a pity if the project is closed forever.

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I could find nothing conclusive but I see no evidence the project is closed. Its not very active though. After looking at whois and traceroute my guess is there is a network/isp issue. This is bolstered by the fact that there is no "file not found" or "domain for sale" or other message showing intent - just a failure of the isp servers to respond.

The project us still available on Github though - https://github.com/sentora/

(Also, the domain name is still registered an pointed, and there is no "good bye message" associated with it that I can see).


The Sensora.org site is now partially back with an explanatory message:

  Sorry for the inconvenience but our main server that is hosted at OVH hosting in Strasbourg, france.

  Had a major fire at it's datacenter :-(.

  Sentora's current main server data was stored there and maybe lost.

  Please stand by while we set up a temp solution.

  We are hoping to recover all data/systems when OVH restores all systems and servicies. (1-2 weeks) Hopefully.

  Thank you for your support as we restore service and installs.

  Sentora 2.0 BETA is going to be released soon. Stay tuned.
  • @william I updated my answer - sensora was affected by the ovh dc outage.
    – davidgo
    Mar 13, 2021 at 19:04

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