For example:

        short summary
        long details

Will Google treat "long details" normally or will it consider it less important, since it's hidden and will only be visible if users clicks/expands it?

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IMHO, we can reasonably assume that even though the content isn't automatically visible, it will still affect the SEO rank for your site/page. Here's why:

Google's SEO algorithms is a combination of several aspects forming a typical webpage. The URL, title, meta description, keywords, links, content, (etc.,) all contribute to your rank. Too many keywords (which used to be a popular ploy) and it will hurt your ranking. The easiest way to prevent the problem is additional content to balance things out. The key is to create a page that provides solid information about the subject. SEO bots are looking at the entire page... even the parts that are waiting for user interaction(s) to activate them.

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