I just created the other day a Google Analytics property for a new website, and it was created using the new Analytics version (v4). Now I'm trying to link it to my existing Search Console account for that website, but cannot find a way to do so. I go to "Admin" / "Property" / "Product linking", and I don't see Search Console there:

Google Analytics setup

How can I link them both? Or... is it necessary at all with the new Google Analytics? Does it have other features that make up for it?


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GA4 Properties are still not linkable.

Having said that, the method for linking GA to GSC has changed and it's now referred to as an Association. For GA, it must be done from within the GSC interface, not from within GA.

As of Feb 2021 you can now link GSC domain properties to GA (it's now recommended).

To get to the GSC Associations page:

You can associate your Google Analytics property with your Search Console property to see Search Console data directly in Google Analytics.

Any Search Console data exported from Search Console to your associated Google Analytics property will be subject to the Google Analytics terms of service. At the same time, any data exported from your Google Analytics property to your associated Search Console property will be subject to the Search Console terms of service.

Learn how to associate your Google Analytics property with your Search Console property.

When you associate a Search Console property with a Google Analytics property, Search Console data is enabled for all reporting views associated with that property by default. As a result, anybody with access to that Google Analytics property or one of its views may be able to see Search Console data for that site. For example, if a Google Analytics administrator adds a user to property or view, that user may be able to see Search Console data in Search Optimization reports.

Google Analytics account administrators can move their Analytics property from one Analytics account to another. Any associated Search Console properties will maintain their association as part of the move. After the move, any users of the new Analytics account will be able to see data from the associated Search Console property without anotification in Search Console.

Full documentation on GSC Associations can be found here: https://support.google.com/webmasters/answer/9419894

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    If it helps this is still relevant as of Oct '21. *sigh
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As of now, Google recommends creating both UA and GA4 properties together. So this linking is not possible at the moment


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