My website is being outranked by another third party website through an iframe of my website. Their website is featuring my website through an iFrame on a basic page. This page consists of a header, iFrame and footer.

Canonical is set for my website. They are ranking for keywords from my website and I no longer show up on google for most keywords.

Could I be demoted as Google has deemed this website more trustworthy? or better? or is this negative SEO at work? I have found hundreds of sites that are direct clones of mine, could that do something?

I guess I'm grabbing straws looking for the cause.

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    Have you implemented anything to prevent other sites from framing yours? This question on Stack Overflow has quite a few possible solutions: Frame Buster Buster … buster code needed – Stephen Ostermiller Mar 1 at 2:11
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    Most up to date solution is to use http headers to deny frames. See this answer in the thread Stephen linked: stackoverflow.com/a/31288040/2234742 – Maximillian Laumeister Mar 1 at 7:56
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    Thanks will look into it, I haven't tried this as yet as many other legitimate business websites provide their users our website through iframes. We used to get just over 3000 to 4000 visits a day through iframes. Now that our website is ranking through another website majority of traffic is through iframes. – lastditcheffort Mar 3 at 4:15

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