I do business only in the USA, however my content is relevant in just about any region of the world. I routinely get spam via my Contact Us page, almost all of which comes from outside of the US. While I do have Captcha enabled, it obviously isn't perfect, especially when spammers hire cheap labor to manually do their work.

So, this made me wonder, what if I limited my Contact Us page to just users coming from the USA? The rest of my site would still be available.

I'm guessing I could do this with .htaccess, but would this hurt my SEO?

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    Why not just handle the display of the contact form or its submission differently rather than blocking it to non-US people? – davidgo Mar 1 at 9:05
  • @davidgo, are you thinking of filtering the display of the form using server side code or something different? – Trebor Mar 3 at 14:52
  • Yes - Im thinking along the lines of "look up region of requestors IP and decide whether or not to dosplay contect form on page". – davidgo Mar 3 at 17:55
  • @davidgo, I edited my question a bit. I'm on WordPress and the form is being generated by a plugin. I try to avoid modifying plugin behavior. – Trebor Mar 4 at 0:02

If you were to limit just the Contact Us page to users from the US, this should not have a major impact on your SEO. You run into the issue of Google possibly not indexing the Contact Us page if it is not crawlable outside of the US.

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