I have Google Analytics 4 with "Outbound click" enhanced measurement enabled.

In my Events tab, I can see that clicks are being tracked and it has a counter for each unique outbound link.

How can I export the full list of outbound links (with total clicks aggregated by the URL)?

screenshot of outbound param for clicked links

screenshot of URL param for clicked links

I would prefer to do this through the GA4 UI, but I'm open to using Google Data Studio... or maybe the API if I really have to.

In Google Data Studio, I connected my Analytics account, but it only gives me the "Event name" as a field. There is no URL field and I can't find any way to aggregate by URL instead of event name.

  • The share->Download->CSV may give you what you want. It seems to include more data than what you see on the screen. – Tony McCreath Feb 16 at 15:28
  • @TonyMcCreath thanks for the suggestion but unfortunately it does not give any more detail on the clicked links – andrewtweber Feb 16 at 17:27
  • I think you can get the extra parameters available in Data Studio by adding them as custom parameters in GA4. You probably have to wait a while after adding them, then do a refresh of your data source. – Tony McCreath Feb 17 at 22:01

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