I understand some precautions must be taken with regards to URLs for SEO. On my website, I have a 301 redirect from wwwmysite.com to mysite.com as I understand that otherwise this can duplicate the webpages.

Is there a difference between mysite.com and mysite.com/index.html ? Do I need to have a redirect somewhere to ensure they are the same ?

If, for example, I want the URL of each webpage to end with / I can do so by naming each page index.html and placing it in a folder of the desired name, such as the about page would be mysite.com/about/. Is there a difference between this URL, which is my preference, and mysite.com/about/index.html, which both lead to the same file ?

I also think this may not be a good method to achieve this, is there an alternative which is good for SEO and will allow the URL of pages to appear as above.


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