Good day everyone and thanks for taking the time to read this.

I have a problem with linking my Google Adwords to my Search Console and have tried to reverse engineer the issue to no avail.

  1. Go to Adwords > Tools and Settings > Linked Accounts > Search Console > Click Details
  2. The site URL that I am allowed to verify is http:// our account is a domain property on Search Console as well as having our https:// and http:// properties.
  3. I cannot verify the property in adwords

Can anyone help here?


Domain property is verified https:// url of the domain property is verified https://subdomain on the domain property is verified http:// verified

Google Adwords only gives me the option to connect to search console via the http:// url

I try to connect Adwords to search console and it cannot verify the property that is verified in search console!

Thank you!

  • When you say "as well as having our https:// property", does that mean that you have both the domain property and the prefix property for https verified in Google Search Console? Jan 22 at 20:16
  • Do you get an error message from Google Search Console when trying to verify the http prefix property? Jan 22 at 20:16

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