On my product details page, there is a section for related products (or similar products) and I only display 4 items in this list, but I want to render random items every time I open the details page, so visitors see various items constantly.

Will this affect my website ranking from an SEO perspective?

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    Are these "random items" to be instead of the "related products" list - as this seems to imply? Because that would probably be a bad idea. But if it's "as well as" then it probably won't make any difference in terms of SEO, providing your site is already crawlable. – MrWhite Jan 21 at 17:39
  • I have like 10-12 related products and the list only displays 4 items, so I want to show all of the items in a random way not just only the first 4 items!!, and yes they are labeled as related products. – Moayad .AlMoghrabi Jan 22 at 10:02

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